La Belle Bleue

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La Belle Bleue - Made in collaboration with Ekhi Busquet.

Ekhi Busquet has teamed up with Atelier Paolo to create this hand-tufted rug.
This singular piece celebrates the Belle Bleue "face to which we both draw every day, each at one end of France, at from high-quality vernacular materials in favor of a beautiful bearer of change."

Photos: Alice Jacquemin

La Belle Bleue, unique piece handmade in Bordeaux
- Hand-tufted rug by Guillaume Neves and designed by Ekhi Busquet
- 100 % French Merino Wool
- 118 x 80 cm
- Thickness: 1.5 cm
- Weight 2.4kg
- Colours: Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Blue, Pink, Chalk, Black.
- Blue Felt Back- Can be used as a rug or wall hanging
- The piece is made to order, 3 week lead time
- Free shipping in Metropolitan France

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