Introduction to Tufting: make your own rug!

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Rug Tufting Class - Bordeaux, France

Introduction to Tufting: make your own rug!  - 4 hours

Beginner level — Class limited to 4 people

Location: Bordeaux, France


During this course, you will learn how to tuft a 50cm round rug.

Please note that the course is in French. If you want to attend a course in English, please contact me by mail.

How is the course going?

- First step: get familiar with the material

I will introduce you to the tufting gun (for this course we will use the AK-I cut model) and we will do many tests. The gun is very easy to use and you will quickly become a tufting master!

- Second step: drawing the rug and choosing the colors

Freehand or with the help of an overhead projector, you will draw the design of the rug on the tufting cloth. For this course, you can bring your own design limiting yourself to 4 different colors or you can use an existing design available at the workshop.

Then, you will choose your colors from a large selection of yarns. 

- Step Three: Tuft Your Piece

It's time to get started! You will be able to tuft your rug at your own speed, and I will be by your side to give you many tips. Once these steps are completed, the tufting gun will no longer hold any secrets from you!

The finishing touches will be realized by me, and you will be able to pick up your piece in a few days ( shipping is also possible if you don't live near the workshop).



6 rue du Faubourg des Arts
33300 Bordeaux (Chartrons tram stop - Line B)


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