Level 2 course: Texture & Volume

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Rug Tufting Class - Bordeaux, France

Given the significant number of requests and the limited available spaces, no cancellations are accepted. Please ensure your availability when booking a date.

Intermediate and Advanced Levels — Course limited to 2 people Location: Bordeaux

Texture and Volume - 9h (over 2 afternoons)

The Texture and Volume course is an advanced tufting workshop! Using various guns and manual tools, you will be able to create a rug with a maximum size of 70x90cm and achieve relief and volume effects.

To participate in this course, it is imperative to:

  1. Have already completed a workshop (Stage 1 or Stage 2) or have confirmed personal experience in tufting.
  2. Have a specific rug project.

How does the course unfold?

Day 1 from 2 pm to 7 pm (5h)

  • First step: designing the rug and choosing colors

Freehand or with the help of a video projector, you will draw the rug design on your canvas, which you have previously prepared and sent by email. You can create any shape you want, as long as it does not exceed 90cm in length and 70cm in width.

You will define the parts you want in relief (using the gun, the maximum is 4cm). For small areas, you can use manual tools that allow for a longer length.

Next, you will choose your colors from a wide range of acrylic yarn.

  • Second step: tufting your piece

After a quick introduction to the guns, it's time to dive in! You will tuft your rug at your own pace, and I will be by your side to provide lots of tips. Once the piece is finished, you will move on to the gluing stage.

Day 2 from 2 pm to 6 pm (4h)

It's finishing day! Your future rug has dried overnight, and now you can enhance it.

  • First step: Back finishings

Many amateur tufters neglect this step to save time. But at Atelier Paolo, the rug should be as beautiful at the back as it is at the front!

Depending on your rug's format, we will either finish with cotton bias or felt.

  • Second step: Shearing (Front finishings)

This step is crucial and will reveal your rug. You will carefully shear your piece, detail each shape to bring out the patterns, and then detail the relief shapes. It's a meticulous but very satisfying step!

At the end of these many steps, you will take pride in having designed your relief rug from A to Z!

Course location:

6 Rue du Faubourg des Arts 33300 Bordeaux (Tram stop: Chartrons - Line B)

If you have any questions regarding the course, feel free to contact me by email.